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Pyramids residency is the best pg near Kirori Mal college might be your perfect choice since you might be searching for the right place to stay near Kiroi Mal college. Pyramids residency provides PG and Hostel accommodation for all boys near Kirori Mal College. If you are looking for Safe Accommodation near north campus Delhi, Checkout Pyramids Residency.

We provide a reliable and clean environment with healthy and homely food, ac rooms, high-speed internet, an in-house gym, and professional housekeeping with ample parking space for bikes & scooters which ensures you get a comfortable stay with us. Kamla Nagar and Civil Lines serve as a favorite destination amongst youngsters to hang out with friends. So many Famous Food Outlets, Salons, Pubs, and Shopping Outlets are surrounded near Pyramids residency which is the best pg near Kirori Mal college.

Kirori Mal College was set up in 1954. The school was certified by The National Assessment and Accreditation Council with a CGPA of 3.54 in 2016 and is currently the third-most noteworthy among all Delhi University. Kirori Mal college offers graduation and postgraduate projects in technical disciplines, humanities, sociologies, and trade. Pyramids residency offers boys the best pg near Kirori Mal college with luxurious facilities and a home-like stay.

What makes Pyramids Residency the best pg near Kirori Mal college? Let's find out in detail:

AC Rooms:

Pyramids Residency is the best pg near Kirori Mal College understood that a place where a student has to stay must be comfortable in all aspects so he can concentrate on his studies, take proper rest, and feel fresh to start his new day without compromising his privacy. That’s why our pg has exclusive 84 beds, fully furnished AC, and heated rooms.

Healthy & Homely Food:

One thing you must not compromise on for yourself is your food. Our PG provides you four-times tasty & hygienic meals with an option of gym food for those who do not want to compromise with their gym diet.


You will get a chance to socialize with like mind people who can share thoughts, and ideas or just have a good time with each other.

In-House Gym:

A student should be physically fit especially at this age but most PGs don’t provide any option for students to stay fit during their college years. At Pyramid Residency, students get access to the in-house gym at no extra cost.


You worked hard in school to get admission into your dream college. Do not let the thought of being unsafe in a new city to be your biggest nightmare while selecting your college. You and your parents do not have to worry about that. Pyramids Residency provides the best security facilities for the students including the use of biometric authentication and more.

Near Kirorimal College:

As we know the traffic conditions are not so good in Delhi, so being near Kirori Mal college you can save a lot of time and save on commuting costs by staying near your college.

Pyramids residency is the best pg near Kirori Mal college and has a professional housekeeping staff so that you do not have to worry about cleanliness and other maintenance. They are trained to make your stay as comfortable as possible. They are friendly and caring and make you feel at home.

More reasons which makes Pyramids Residency the best pg near Kirori Mal college

Pyramids residency which also happens to be close to Kirori Mal College is your best option. With popular colleges like North Campus, restaurants leaving your pockets clattering, less expensive, and better facilities; Boys pg near Kirori Mal college is an ideal fit. You can find staying options at different price points here at Pyramids Residency and choose the one that seems affordable to you.

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